Nonprofit Management


Our team of seasoned consultants provides both short-term and long term management solutions.

Short-term project-based services include:

  • Facilitating Board Retreats
  • Leading Strategic Planning sessions for board and staff
  • Coaching and Mentoring new Executive Directors or Board Chairs
  • Providing a comprehensive organizational audit with recommendations for improvement

Long-term retainer contracts include:

  • Professionalizing your organization (moving from volunteer to paid staff model)
  • Managing change processes by serving as the Interim
  • Managing your nonprofit using an outsourced¬† Executive Director team model
  • Managing a Merger process or Partnership
  • Program development, evaluation and management
  • Providing part-time outsourced staff (marketing, development, operations, programming)
  • Grant making services for small family, public or private foundations
Learn how we have helped other small and mid-sized nonprofit clients move to the next stage.